How to Search for Homes for Sale in Society Hill, Philadelphia

How to Search for Homes for Sale in Society Hill, Philadelphia

  • Douglas Pearson
  • 10/9/22

Why choose Society Hill?

The Society Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia is located just south of Center City and is one of the city’s oldest and more popular neighborhoods. Society Hill is home to beautiful churches, mansions, old hotels, and historical landmarks. The tree-lined streets and brick sidewalks contain some of the most beautiful architecture in the city.
Society Hill is a nationally famous neighborhood with nearby landmarks like the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and Washington Square. Residents take pride in their homes and enjoy proximity to nightlife spots, arts and culture institutions, and terrific dining. For more about this neighborhood, find my Society Hill blog post or visit the Society Hill Civic Association. Here’s how we can help you find luxury living in Society Hill.

Decide what it is you need… and want!

Finding a home for sale in Society Hill that meets your high standards and represents your style and taste can be a breeze when a great real estate agent supplies you with the latest information and best support. But the first step is to define your wants and needs. Do you prefer to live in a historic and charming Victorian row house with hardwood floors, fireplaces, crown molding, and stained glass? Or are you more interested in something brand new, perhaps a loft home in a semi-industrial space? Is a large modernized kitchen high on your must-have list, or is an outdoor area for entertaining more important?
We recommend spending time with family and loved ones to create a list of your top needs and wants for your new home. Start with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you require. It may seem obvious, but if you reflect thoroughly, you may want larger bedrooms, not more of them, and a flexible space that can be used as a home office or studio. If you can be specific about what you are looking for, you may be able to find a home whose layout can be flexibly matched to your desires.

Renovate or move-in ready?

Purchasing a home that requires renovation can be an attractive option, especially in a historic neighborhood like Society Hill. For home improvement enthusiasts and those in love with Victorian architecture, the biggest draw is that renovation can be a fun and creative way to get a home tailored to your tastes. By bringing your creativity to bear on the space, you can restore a house to its original style or period and completely transform the interior. The choice is the buyers; this can be fun labor of love and a great way to transform a house into a home.
For others, purchasing a historic home that needs a little work is an investment whose value will increase with time and labor. The more repairs and improvements you can make yourself, the more you stand to profit. If you are knowledgeable and skilled in a level of home construction and can do some of the labor, you can end up with the house of your dreams at a lesser net cost.
One of the most significant benefits of buying a fixer-upper is that you can usually secure the property for a much lower price than a move-in-ready home. Calculating your bottom line is essential, especially if you are interested in a Victorian that is part of a historic preservation district. For a unique home with architectural significance, take special care in planning any alterations that could compromise the home’s value. For example, if a home is in a historic preservation district, there may be guidelines for you to follow when remodeling exterior elements like the front door.

Open houses and tours

Suppose you have created your checklist of must-haves and wants for your new Society Hill home. In that case, your best path forward is to work with a seasoned professional such as Douglas Pearson, who specializes in Society Hill real estate and Society Hill homes for sale. With Douglas, browse listings online, and once you've found a few places that interest you, take some time to visit them in person. Douglas can carefully curate a tour of homes that meet your specific needs. Read more here for tips on what to ask at open houses.

Patience is the key

Anyone who has ever gone through the buying process knows that it is not a decision to be made lightly. There are many factors to consider, from the house's location to the size and layout of the rooms. Even after narrowing the search to a handful of properties, knowing which one is the right fit can be challenging. That is why taking your time when making such a significant purchase is so important. When you know what to look for when buying a house, you are more likely to find a property that meets your needs, a home where you can be happy for years to come.
Patience during the homebuying process can pay off in other ways. For instance, you may have more negotiating power if you are not in a rush to close a deal. By taking time and researching well, you are more likely to find the perfect property for you and your family.

Prepare your finances and timeline

Lastly, as any seasoned homebuyer knows, it’s never too late to consult with your financial advisor to prepare for your next purchase and to consider your timeline. Many variables can affect your timeline. You might need to sell your previous home, land a job, or wait for your perfect house to fall to the right price. Maybe you’re set on the house but need to finalize renovations. In any case, continually updating your financial timeline with your agent is vital.

Why go it alone?

One of the biggest financial decisions you'll ever make is purchasing a new home. If you're planning on purchasing a home for sale in Society Hill, don’t go it alone. Work with a seasoned professional such as Douglas Pearson who knows how to anticipate and address your needs and wants. Douglas and his team know the local market, its trends, and buyers and sellers. Together, we can make your important and exciting journey a success. Let’s find your dream home!

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