The Definitive Checklist for Finding a Home with More Space

The Definitive Checklist for Finding a Home with More Space

  • Douglas Pearson
  • 10/10/22

There comes a time when your life grows beyond the walls of your current home. Before you begin your search for a new luxury home with more space, take stock of what those words mean to you. Each person's "perfect home" will be unique to them; there is never one size fits all. So, before you sit down to create your list of the types of space you are hoping to find in your next home, consider some of the below ideas to help you clarify them and make your home search a little more targeted and strategic.

Know the type of space you need

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When considering purchasing a more spacious home, it is essential to be both specific and nuanced about the kind of space you actually need. If you have a large or growing family, perhaps you are looking for additional bedrooms, bathrooms, and storage to accommodate everyone and their gear comfortably.
Think not only about the number of these rooms but their size as well. You may find that a three-bedroom home in which the rooms are very large (and the kitchen is modernized and gourmet) might accommodate you better than a four-bedroom with very small rooms (and a kitchen that you would have to remodel to meet your needs). When initially browsing listings, don't rule out a home simply by the number of rooms. Instead, look closely at the overall square footage of the home and the size of each bedroom before you rule it out.
Similarly, perhaps you are looking for an extra bedroom to repurpose as a home office. If you become too focused on bedrooms or the word "den," you may overlook the fact that the pool house or detached garage could be transformed into your workspace and, in the future, into a granny flat for your mother or ADU for additional income. Stay open and creative!
If the type of space most important to you is outdoor space, think about how you intend to use that space. If for entertaining, it may be more important to find an outdoor space that easily connects with your kitchen or which features a covered porch or patio with an outdoor kitchen for year-round dinner parties. Do you need the outdoor space as a play yard for children, and if so, is it fenced off from the street?
Perhaps it's a garden bed you are looking for, in which case, take note of how much shade covers the yard at different times of the year. Ultimately, it is important to take the time to assess your space needs and find a home that meets them perfectly. Why settle for less?

Location and type of home

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Now that you have determined the type of space you are seeking, let's think about location and the type of home that might provide you with the space you desire.
If you're in the market for an expansive luxury residence near Philadelphia, New Hope, PA, real estate in Bucks County may be the perfect place to begin. With its rolling hills and tranquil countryside, this is a haven for those who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and who are looking to spread out. Potential buyers will be thrilled by both historic luxury homes and new construction that affords both interior and exterior space for growing families set against the town's quaint charm. Expansive estates that offer a resort-like lifestyle have no shortage of space, and you'll have your pick of beds, baths, gorgeous kitchens, picturesque views, and yards for entertaining and playing.
For some, the draw of city life is strong. The ability to walk outside one's home to the cafe to meet friends, to the park for playtime, and to have a sense of close-knit community bound by a love of historic architecture and urban life, can be of the utmost importance. For luxury living with all the amenities and a need to expand, take a close look at the row houses of Society Hill and Rittenhouse Square. Yes, older, historic construction in an urban environment comes with natural constraints on one's ability to expand in some ways but not in others. That's where things get creative: Instead of thinking out, think up. For entertaining and outdoor space, keep your eye out for larger dining rooms and kitchens and the prized side yard or side porch. With the addition of custom tables, couches, lights, and a few strategically placed heaters, you will be able to entertain outside year-round and in style.
If outdoor space for children is important, narrow your search down to a neighborhood next to a park, such as Rittenhouse Square, which expands your play space without adding square footage to the home's naturally smaller footprint.
For storage, think vertically! A creative eye and a savvy interior designer can do wonders to maximize storage in any historic home for sale in Society Hill, Philadelphia, PA, or Rittenhouse Square in a way that amplifies the "mахimalist" style of Victorian homes.

Tour potential homes and narrow down the search

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Lastly, touring homes and attending open houses with your agent is really the perfect solution to identifying the type of larger home that will fit your needs. A 2,500-square-foot home in New Hope will feel much different than 2,500 square feet in Philadelphia's Center City.  When you have concluded where you think you will find a more spacious home, narrow your search down to that area. You may be surprised and fall in love with a slightly smaller but historic home. Just remember there are plenty of ways to create more space and the illusion of more space. An interior designer can help by adding large mirrors, finding the right balance of furniture, and creative hidden storage.

Make an offer and buy your new home!

The search for a home with more space can be daunting, but it's important to remember that "more space" is relative. Whether you're looking at Bucks County homes for sale for a sprawling estate or in Center City Philadelphia for a luxurious row house, get in touch with Douglas Pearson to find the perfect property that meets your needs. Keep an open mind and tour potential homes until you find the one that feels just right – then make an offer and buy!

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